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Types Of Surveys

Hull Only Surveys

This is an external only survey which for steel and aluminium hulls includes ultrasonic thickness testing of the hull and examination of pitting and corrosion in accordance with the Code of Practice issued by the IIMS (International Institute of Marine Surveying). Production of thickness schedule (as required by insurance companies). For GRP hulls, laminate moisture readings are taken and testing for delamination carried out. We also provide a report and recommendations on the condition of surface coatings, anodes and the condition of the stern gear.

Full Pre-Purchase Surveys

Additionally includes reports (where applicable) on condition of engine, gearbox, controls, batteries,12 Volt electrical system, 230 Volt electrical system, gas system, water system, heating system, pumps, pipe-work, general condition of trim and fittings and a totally independent valuation of the vessel.


In the water assessment of the market value of the vessel. Please note these are usually undertaken on behalf of insurance companies or brokerages and should not be considered as a substitute for a condition survey.

Damage surveys

Full assessment of direct and collateral damage with an indication of likely costs of remedial action.

Independent Expert

We are able to advise on all aspects of hull and machinery condition. Assess and report on compliance and offer full intermediary services where required.