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Intermediary Services

Conflicts can and do occur and they can be stressful and ultimately spoil the enjoyment of your vessel. Typically, these conflicts can occur between purchasers who have commissioned the build and/or fit-out of a vessel and there is disagreement over what is finally delivered or in the quality. The same criteria sometimes occur when repair or installation work is carried out and the customer is dissatisfied with the end result.

We can help in all of these situations. Using our expertise to evaluate what is being delivered against what is expected or demanded we can formulate a plan for joint agreement that can be monitored and revised over time resulting in a satisfactory solution for all parties.

Occasionally, this type of mediation is not enough and court action becomes the only option. We are happy to assist in these cases, liaising with solicitors and other professionals, acting on your behalf in the capacity of expert witness. Problems that reach this level are rare and usually the intervention of a professional third party is enough to ensure a speedy and satisfactory conclusion. However, no matter how involved or difficult the situation appears, we can help with a solution. Give us a call to discuss how we might be able to assist you.